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Home Ownership Journey

Owning our first home has been a fun journey. Mostly, I love making it mine. Home is truly what you make it and it is a way to show who you are. A home is a place where you can express and show the world how you do life.

One of the main things I love about our house is how clean and simple we’ve made it. Along with that is an organized space. We certainly stuck to the less is more thought when redoing our entire upstairs.

Another important aspect is functional spaces that we use in our everyday life. Creating spaces that are useful is part of our plan. For example, we took one of the rooms and created an in-home gym. Honestly, this is one of the rooms we use the most. I highly recommend looking into adding this to your home.

Lastly, I just enjoy having a space that is mine and that is welcoming for all. I’m excited to share more about our home life and the things we love.

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