5 Reasons to do Yoga


Yoga has helped me learn to calm my mind. It has also been a space to relieve stress. Finding an outlet that allows you to slow down and find peace is an important part of life. When we find the time for ourselves to understand and calm the mind we can carry that calm into other areas and find more joy in what we are doing.


Being mobile is key. The ability to move is such an important part of life. By practicing yoga, you can find greater mobility. Through this mobility I find that I can keep my body in a place where I know that in the future, I will be able to play with my kids and grandkids.


We hear it said all the time that we need to find work-life balance. Through yoga we are able to learn not just balance with our bodies, but also balance in the other areas. This plays into our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental states of being. It also allows us to better understand our mind body connection and take the time to appreciate our bodies for all they give us.


Being aware of who we are and what our purpose is in life can be a tremendous feat. The practice of yoga allows us to find the stillness and the connection within our souls and bodies to seek that purpose. We must be aware to grow.


Yoga can be a physically taxing practice. However, don’t let that scare you away. One of the reasons I love yoga is that there is a flexibility (no pun intended ha!) in the difficulty. If you’re just starting out make sure to find beginner classes and that you don’t overdo it. There are some poses that can be complicated and require a lot of physical strength. Find your spot and work your way up. Over time you will continue to reap the physical benefits yoga has to offer.

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